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Green products with high standards for cleaning and sanitising


With the current COVID19 situation around the world, cleaning and sanitising hotels has become a hot topic.

To improve our safety commitment to our guests, Aspira’s new ‘ Stay Safe” program builds on our 5-year history of cleaning our hotels with eco-friendly Green products. We are expanding that commitment to safety and sustainability by adding 100% safe sanitizing products to all our hotels and residences.

We use a single supplier, “Green FootPrint Solutions”, to provide the right products and adequate training to our housekeeping teams.

The “Green Footprint” means we care for the environment.  Many things that people do hurt the earth and leave pollution behind. This is the same as leaving behind a dirty footprint, a black mark on the earth, wherever we humans go.

Instead, we want to leave behind a safe, undamaged environment. It means that we use products and technologies that do not harm people or our environment. So let’s be responsible for our planet by leaving a “green footprint” behind.  That’s our safety commitment to you and to our environment.

Our biotechnology cleaning products are made by InnuScience, a Canadian technology company that has been using safe, beneficial micro-organisms to make environment friendly cleaning and wastewater treatment products for the past 25 years.

With toxic chemical use steadily increasing, causing human and environmental problems, InnuScience biotechnology offers a completely safe and very effective alternative.

Our safe sanitsing uses SteriPlant, a neutralized electrolyzed water from Actiwa Swiss Thailand.  It is the safest, most effective way to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses in our hotels and restaurants. It is so safe that no personal protection equipment is needed when we use it.

For more information on our suppliers and its products, please visit https://greenfootprint.co



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