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Save extra 10 % off for your stay from 21 January to 28 January 2020 in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Samui or Pattaya


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Let us nurture you with our complimentary Aspira CLUB loyalty programme. Enjoy unique offers, exclusive services, discounts, free nights and more.

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CLUB ROOMS/Executive accommodations

Embrace Syama Hotels & Resorts : a unique affordable luxury choice with great privileges and personalized service. Some of our Syama properties gives its guests full access to an exclusive setting a secluded pool, gym, selective suites, 24-hour Club Lounge butler service plus a host of additional complimentary services.

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iCheck inn & Aspira Hotels & Resorts understands how to make you feel right at home...For stays lasting a few weeks, several months or a lifetime, our Residences are the ideal choice for those who appreciate a unique and nurturing setting in their life. Explore our choice of residences in Thailand to find out how iCheck inn & Aspira Residences could be your ideal home away from home for a month or longer.

Our Residences are located in Bangkok (Sathorn, Ekamai, Thong For areas) and Phuket (Patong).

Getting All the Fund Around with the Complementary Benefits with Boutique Hotel in Thailand

Pattaya is all about beautiful beaches filled with people coming from various neighbouring cities of Asia and other countries of Europe and America as well. The Sandy Sunshine beaches attract the eyeballs at the first site only as the Blue Water sparkling are enough to amaze the eyesight at the first instance only and going closer to it means an eye-pleasing experience even more. In order to find a nearby Accommodation in Pattaya, you must be looking forward to a nice Boutique Hotel in Thailand that may give you the closest proximity to these beaches anytime. Also, as the nightlife is pretty famous in Thailand’s tourist-friendly destinations going by these seaside hotels is always a good choice for visitors.

 Enter if you are someone who is coming with their family then the last thing you would tolerate is any discomfort for your family during the trip. why is it so? because they are the reason you are working night and day and earning some seriously good money so that you can put them to every comfort and pleasure, they deserve and holidays are known to increase has these experiences by any means. So, during their trip, you won’t discount any kind of shortcoming to your Accommodation in Pattaya.

 In order to ensure a good Boutique Hotel in Thailand, you must be doing some pre-arrangements by the time you book your flight as there are very few hotels in Pattaya like iCheck Inn that may offer you some other complementary facilities as well. Especially in case if you are coming with your kids and the toddlers are notoriously same in the travelling experiences since ages. So, it would be very smart move to get the complementary benefits of Nanny and babysitting services offered at these hotels free of cost additionally a kid’s zone at a Hotel in Thailand also do the wonders for your darling baby as well.

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